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Summary – Kreitzberg Plastic Surgery is a highly recommended clinic in Tulsa, OK, that provides expert care and innovative solutions for revision or primary breast augmentation, ensuring swift recovery and long-lasting results.


Tulsa, OK – Regarding breast surgery, whether for revision, augmentation, primary augmentation, or augmentation with a lift, choosing the right clinic is crucial for patients with diverse needs to achieve the envisioned results.  Poor execution during surgical procedures can lead to severe complications, and unexpected issues can arise during recovery.  As a result, patients may need to remain vigilant and choose an expert.


Tulsa residents can access Kreitzberg Plastic Surgery since it’s a locally and regionally owned clinic specializing in evidence-based, patient-centered breast, body, and face surgical makeovers. Thanks to Dr. Kreitzberg’s extensive experience and unwavering commitment to quality care, patients can count on receiving world-class breast surgeries at the clinic. 


Patients may encounter potential issues following placement of a breast Implant in Tulsa, including malposition, bottoming out, infection, implant rupture, capsular contracture, and changes in nipple sensation.  Intervention with an experienced surgeon is crucial to provide the results that you desire and prevent these problems from happening or worsening. 


For individuals in and around Tulsa, OK, Kreitzberg Plastic Surgery is their best option. With a steadfast commitment to prioritizing patient health and wellness, Kreitzberg Plastic Surgery ensures that individuals seeking remedies for these post-augmentation concerns receive exceptional care and support, making them the ideal destination for breast surgery solutions in the region.   


One of Kreitzberg Plastic Surgery’s patients shared their experience with the clinic and said: 

“Dr. Kreitzberg is the best of the Best! I am 110% satisfied with my procedure and the results! He took the time to listen to me and was so kind and professional. He and his staff are superb! I had a breast lift and replaced my implants, and I could not be happier with the results! I was very impressed with the time Dr. Kreitzberg and his staff took as he helped me understand every process of the procedure.”


When people are in need of a breast surgeon in Tulsa that is when Kreitzberg Plastic Surgery comes into play. This clinic leverages their extensive expertise to address post-augmentation concerns effectively. Rather than providing quick fixes, they are committed to evidence-based innovative surgical options to provide long-lasting results.


The clinic offers a range of procedures to tackle post-augmentation issues, such as implant revision or removal, implant scar treatment (capsulectomy/capsulorrhaphy), implant size change, breast lift, and breast symmetry correction.  Every visiting patient can look forward to individualized care tailored to their specific conditions, ensuring effective and optimal outcomes throughout their breast surgery journey. With a focus on quality and patient well-being, Kreitzberg Plastic Surgery is a trusted destination for comprehensive and effective aesthetic breast care in Tulsa and the neighboring areas. 


As breast implants are not designed to be lifetime devices, it is advisable to consider their removal or replacement every 10-15 years.  During the implant replacement, Dr. Kreitzberg can address various concerns, including implant feel, implant size, skin laxity, and correcting implant positioning. Thanks to his expertise and surgical skills, patients’ implant replacement surgeries are safe, efficient, and achieve the desired aesthetic outcomes.


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Contact us today @kreitzbergplasticsurgery.com or come visit us at our  clinic  at 8010 S 101st E Ave #100, Tulsa, OK, 74133, USA, to learn more about our breast augmentation plastic surgery procedure and how we can help you achieve the results you desire. We look forward to helping you achieve your ideal body!

There are many other procedures that target specific body areas for an enhanced appearance, so it is best to speak with our staff and Dr Kreitzberg for a comprehensive list of options and an individualized consultation.


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