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Mini Tummy Tuck Procedure

Exercise is a great way to build strength, definition, and tone in your abdomen muscles. However, loose or sagging skin and excess fat after weight loss or pregnancy can cover up your fitness efforts. Many people in this situation turn to body sculpting surgery to achieve a flatter abdomen.

The tummy tuck procedure is used to remove fat, excess skin, and repair the muscles in your entire abdomen. However, a mini tummy tuck is another surgical option for slimming the area below your belly button. If you struggle with stubborn body fat and loose skin on your lower stomach, talk to us about the mini tummy tuck in Tulsa.

Since the operation focuses on a smaller area, the recovery is shorter, the incision is shorter, and side effects are milder than traditional tummy tuck surgery. This can also be combined with liposuction to sculpt other stubborn areas like the bra line, back, sides, hips, and upper abdomen. As long as you maintain a healthy and stable weight after surgery, the procedure could provide long-term improvements. Our dedicated surgeon at Kreitzberg Plastic Surgery could help you achieve your aesthetic goals with this procedure.

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How The Mini-Abdominoplasty Works

Unlike a full abdominoplasty, a mini tummy tuck focuses on reducing fat and skin in the lower abdomen below the belly button. During the surgery, Dr. Kreitzberg will make small incisions and use liposuction cannulas to liquefy and vacuum fat cells in your abdomen and other areas of concern. Then, he trims excess skin of the lower abdomen and stitches separated or weakened muscles together to flatten the area.

Mini Tummy Tuck After Pregnancy

If you have previously undergone a cesarean section during childbirth, the incision for the mini-abdominoplasty can be made below or through your c-section scar to avoid unnecessary scarring. This procedure does not include the repositioning of the belly button like a traditional tummy tuck. Likewise, this procedure will not repair the upper abdominal muscles, which may sustain damage during pregnancy.

Recovery And Results Timeline After A Mini Tummy Tuck

Mini tummy tuck patients usually need up to six weeks of recovery before returning to rigorous activities, such as exercise. However, returning to low-impact activities, such as walking and working at a desk job, requires only one to two weeks of recovery. A compression garment may be necessary to ensure your skin heals correctly during this time.

It is crucial to avoid activities that strain or add excess pressure to your abdomen and the incision throughout the entire recovery. Typical side effects after a mini tummy tuck include bruising, swelling, redness, and discomfort, but they subside within a few weeks. However, for some patients, residual swelling could persist until after six weeks of recovery.

Many patients note a significant decrease in lower abdomen bulges due to reduced excess skin and fat after this surgery. Additionally, the physical functioning of your abdominal muscles may improve.

Benefits Of Tummy Tuck Over Other Body Contouring Surgeries

A mini tummy tuck has several advantages compared to other surgeries for contouring the abdomen. Most notably, patients typically have a shorter and smoother recovery period than with most other procedures, given that the surgery targets a small area of the body. Many patients also note decreased stretch marks on the lower abdomen after excess skin removal.

Another notable advantage of a mini tummy tuck procedure is the reduced risk of scarring afterward. If scarring does form, it can be easily hidden with clothing. Though the surgery does not make as many changes as a full tummy tuck, the enhancements could be long lasting with proper diet and exercise.

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Trying to flatten your abdomen with exercise and diet alone can be impossible if you struggle with stubborn body fat and loose, sagging skin. If you have concerns about body fat on your lower abdomen, it may be time to consider your surgical options. You could significantly benefit from getting a mini tummy tuck in Tulsa. Call Kreitzberg Plastic Surgery today to schedule a consultation and get started.

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