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Your lips are one of the focal points of the face, especially when you smile or laugh. Fuller and youthful appearing lips have become more appealing over the years. The upper lip becomes longer, droops, and turns downward with age making you appear tired. Genetics also plays a role in the appearance of the lips and some people have naturally thin lips. There are permanent and temporary techniques to improve the full appearance of the lips.

If you are unhappy with the thinness or drooping of your lips, it can significantly impact your confidence. At Kreitzberg Plastic Surgery, we want to help by offering options, both temporary and permanent, to improve your smile. Consider talking to Dr. Kreitzberg about lip lift in Tulsa. This facial procedure could help you achieve your desired results.

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What is a lip lift

People are seeking lip augmentation to enhance their appearance more than ever before, and the cosmetic industry has responded. A lip lift is a surgical procedure the elevates and suspends the upper lip by removing skin between the nose and the upper lip. The incision is located at the base of the nose to decrease the visibility of the scar. The red part of the lip is rolled outward creating a full, volumized appearance to the upper lip. Thus, the procedure increasing the size of a thin upper lip caused by either genetics or aging.

Common reasons for seeking a lip lift in Tulsa

There are several common complaints that can be corrected with a lip lift.

  • Chronically long or heavy upper lip
  • Poor tooth show/dental hooding
  • Over-filled lips/poor filler results
  • Filler complications
  • Postsurgical drooping (following rhinoplasty)
  • Poorly defined or thin upper lip
  • Asymmetry

A lip lift is permanent, unlike fillers or neuromodulators (like Botox). Neuromodulators temporarily weaken muscles on the upper lip to roll the lip outward, but this will typically only last 2-3 months before an additional injection is needed. Filler can add volume to the upper lip, but can weigh down the lips over time and require repeat injections every 6-9 months. Permanent fillers can form nodules and firm spots that are unpleasant and may require surgical removal. Artificial implants can be used for lip augmentation, but have the potential for malposition and extrusion. Also, these lip augmentation procedures are not able to address the long length of the upper lip. If you desire a natural appearing full lip, then a lip lift may be the right procedure for you.

The Lip Lift Procedure

The procedure is performed in an outpatient surgery center with general or local anesthesia to decrease the pain related to the procedure. Dr Kreitzberg will make an incision below the nose on the upper lip. He performs the procedure using the suspension principles similar to that of a fat lift or neck lift to provide natural results with great longevity. The procedure takes approximately 1 hour to perform and you will go home the same day. If you desire more volume, then fat transfer or filler can be used in conjunction with a lip lift.

Lip Lift Recovery in Tulsa

There will be some swelling for a brief period after your lip lift. Most people appear and feel normal within 1-2 weeks after their lift. We recommend limiting strenuous activity during the first 5 days. After that, you are free to resume all your regular activities. The final results are seen in approximately 3 months.

Visit Our Tulsa Office To Learn More About a Lip Lift

Not everyone is happy with the appearance of their lips as they age or genetically. However, there are surgical options available to achieve the facial features you want. At Kreitzberg Plastic Surgery, we offer a lip lift in Tulsa to help improve the shape of their lips without implants, filler, or neuromodulators.
Our board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Kreitzberg can help you decide the right formula for your lips. After we go over your questions, goals, and medical history, we will tailor a plan specific to your needs. Call us today to set up your consultation.

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If you are unhappy with the shape of your lips, you have options for correcting those cosmetic issues. At Kreitzberg Plastic Surgery, our surgeon could determine the best procedure for your needs and help you achieve your aesthetic goals. To get more information about the brow lift in Tulsa, call our office today.

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