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Breast Revision Surgery Procedure

Undergoing breast augmentation surgery with implants could transform your figure. However, these implants require removal or replacement every 10 to 15 years for several reasons, both cosmetic and medical. Dr. Kreitzberg offers breast revision surgery in Tulsa for patients who are ready to replace their old implants and restore the enhanced appearance of their chest.

In addition to improving your appearance, implant revision surgery could relieve adverse symptoms associated with augmentation, such as hardened scar tissue (capsular contracture). Reach out to Kreitzberg Plastic Surgery to learn more about this type of breast surgery.

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Why You May Need Implant Revision Surgery

Dr. Kreitzberg performs breast revision procedures to replace older implants with newer ones that may differ in size, shape, and material. Typically, the surgery prevents medical complications associated with implants, including implants rupturing or leaking into the surrounding tissue. For those already experiencing complications, breast revision surgery can also treat damaged implants.

Some patients develop scar tissue that hardens in the breast after surgery, which can result in significant pain and affect the look and feel of breasts. However, revision surgery could remove the affected tissue to correct these cosmetic changes and relieve your discomfort.

In addition to medical concerns, many women undergo revision surgery to correct cosmetic breast changes, such as skin rippling, sagging, and volume loss. Further, revision surgery is necessary to reposition breast implants that have shifted over time. During the surgery, you may switch from one type of breast implant to another, such as silicone to saline or vice versa. Also, you may change the size and shape (projection) of the implant.

How Does The Breast Revision Procedure Work?

Since breast implant revision surgery is invasive, patients undergo general anesthesia before the procedure begins. Dr. Kreitzberg makes incisions either through previous incisions, along the lower breast crease, or around your areolas. Next, he will remove any hardened scar tissue and take out your old breast implants. Then, if needed, he will make adjustments with cautery, sutures, or meshes to optimize the position of the new implants. Lastly, Dr. Kreitzberg will position your new implants in your breasts before closing the incisions. Immediately after the surgery, you will wear a compressive bra to reduce swelling.

After one to two recovery weeks, you may return to work, and after four to six weeks, you may resume more strenuous activities. In addition to soreness and discomfort, you may have visible swelling and bruises for a few weeks during recovery. You might also experience some scarring that may fade within several months to a year.

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Learn About Breast Implant Revision Surgery In Tulsa

Breast revision surgery in Tulsa is necessary if you have implants, as they are not meant to be a lifetime device. Many women undergo revision surgery to renew their implants (avoid implants wearing out), change the size of their implants, improve the appearance of their breasts, and address medical concerns. After recovering from this procedure, you could see an improved youthful appearance of the breasts.

Breast implant revision may be the right choice if you are unhappy with the appearance of your chest after breast augmentation and want to improve your figure. Learn more about this surgery by scheduling a consultation to discuss the procedure, potential risks, and possible outcomes.

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