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Eyelid Surgery Procedures

Wrinkles, fine lines, and sagging skin are signs of aging that we all develop. However, for some individuals, these changes could result in functional and aesthetic concerns with the eyelids. If you are frustrated with excess skin, dark circles, and wrinkles around your eyes making you look tired, eyelid surgery in Tulsa could be a great option.

This facial plastic surgery revitalizes your eye’s appearance while improving vision impairments and can drastically improve your life. At Kreitzberg Plastic Surgery, Dr. Kreitzberg aims to provide results that give you a youthful appearance, improve functionality, and make you look more rejuvenated and energetic.

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Are You A Good Candidate For Eyelid Surgery?

Individuals experiencing impaired vision, puffy eyes, and excess skin wrinkles of the lids are often good candidates for the procedure. Eyelid surgery could target sagging, loose skin around the upper eyelids to eliminate vision impairments from skin folds. The operation could also reduce the appearance of undereye bags and excess fat deposits on your eyelids that result in a puffy appearance. Eyelid surgery can also target baggy or drooping upper and lower eyelids.

Patients should be healthy, non-smokers with realistic expectations and the treatable physical attributes to qualify for the operation. Those with dry eyes, an uncontrolled medical condition, inflammatory skin conditions, or who have undergone previous eye surgeries are not ideal candidates. If you are unsure whether eyelid surgery would benefit you, a knowledgeable surgeon could provide more insight during a consultation.

Basics Of The Surgical Procedure

Dr. Kreitzberg uses contemporary methods during eyelid surgery to reduce visible scarring and ensure proper healing. The procedure involves removing the excess skin around your eyelids for appearance and function improvements. An incision within the crease eliminates signs of aging on your upper eyelids. The placement of this incision allows for the removal of excess skin and fat while tightening your underlying muscles. It also hides the scar afterward.

The lower eyelids require an incision inside the eyelid or below your lower lash line. The location of these incisions allows for repositioning or removal of excess fat while hiding surgical scars. For some individuals with excess lower eyelid skin, an incision may be necessary below the lower eyelid lash line to remove the skin or a skin tightening procedure with laser or peel may be needed depending on the degree of skin excess.

After the surgical corrections, sutures close the incisions and are typically removed one week after eyelid surgery. Depending on your goals, you may combine eyelid surgery with additional procedures, such fat transfer to cheeks or a facelift.

Expectations For Eyelid Surgery Recovery And Results

Immediately after eyelid surgery, you may have bruising and swelling around the eyes and eyelids. Some patients may have dry eyes, irritation, puffiness, and pain managed with medication and cold compresses. It is possible for incision sites to become irritated during recovery. However, following aftercare instructions carefully can help you avoid this problem.

Full recovery after an eyelid surgical procedure may take up to two weeks. The minor side effects apparent right after surgery typically subside within a few days, but bruising and swelling may persist for the entire two weeks of recovery. Wearing sunscreen and dark sunglasses helps protect your healing skin when outside during the recovery period.

After eyelid surgery, your eyes appear more youthful, refreshed, and alert. Additionally, your vision impairments may be significantly reduced if not eliminated.

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Eyelid surgery is an excellent option for rejuvenating your eyes’ look by removing excess fat, skin, and muscle around the eyes and on the eyelids. If you have drooping skin around your eyes that impairs your vision or ages your appearance, reach out to our office to discuss your surgical options.

Though there are some minor risks and a few weeks of recovery, the procedure could significantly improve your eyes’ appearance and functioning. Call Kreitzberg Plastic Surgery today to speak with a dedicated professional about eyelid surgery in Tulsa.

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