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Many aesthetic surgery patients choose fat transfers for aesthetic enhancements of the breast, buttock, or face. Breast enhancement with fat grafting instead of silicone or saline implants offers results that often look and feel more natural than implants. Buttock shaping with fat transfer (BBL) can improve the contour and drooping of the buttock. In addition, by removing extra fat from particular areas, the procedure balances and enhances your figure’s overall proportions.

Further, fat grafting is an excellent option for volume loss in other areas, such as the face (ie cheeks or lips), instead of artificial dermal filler injections. However, people need sufficient excess fat on certain parts of their body, so not every patient is suitable for fat grafting in Tulsa. To find out more, contact Kreitzberg Plastic Surgery and schedule a consultation and assessment to discuss your aesthetic surgery goals and whether this form of body sculpting is the best approach.

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What Exactly Is Fat Grafting?

Fat grafting is a procedure for removing excess body fat from one area, often the thighs or abdomen, for purification and transfer to another through non-invasive injections. As a result, fat grafting procedures in Tulsa are often an alternative to augmentation surgeries that use implants, such as for the breasts or buttocks. The procedure removes fat with traditional liposuction methods using a cannula tube that penetrates the skin and removes targeted fat cells.

After being removed, the excess fat needs processing with decanting to clean out the debris, dead cells, and extra fluids. Finally, the purified fat is prepared to be injected into the specifically targeted area.

However, after a fat grafting procedure in Tulsa with Dr. Kreitzberg, patients may see a minor decline in their augmentation results once the body begins to reabsorb a portion of fat after the transfer. Therefore, fat grafting surgery requires obtaining and injecting slightly more fat than necessary for augmentation to compensate for the expected decline.

Aesthetic And Health Benefits Of Fat Grafting

The primary benefit of using fat grafting techniques for aesthetic procedures rather than implants or other types of injections is the significant reduction of risks and side effects. Specifically, since the body fat for grafting is autologous to a patient, meaning the natural material comes from their body, there is no risk of the body rejecting it. Alternatively, if you choose an augmentation procedure with silicone or saline implants, there is a small chance that your body could react to the implants afterward, possibly resulting in health complications.

In addition to health benefits, many people choose fat grafting for plastic surgery because it tends to look and feel more natural. For example, breast augmentation surgery with fat grafting creates more prominent breasts without sacrificing the feeling and natural appearance of the breasts. Fat grafting results in additional aesthetic enhancements by slimming body areas where excess fat is taken, such as the abdomen or thighs.

Finally, another notable benefit of fat grafting for augmentation surgery is the minimal scarring afterward. Typically, more prominent incisions are necessary to insert implants during surgery, but liposuction incisions and injections for fat grafting leave minimal scarring.

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One of the first and most critical decisions for an aesthetic augmentation procedure is choosing between implants and fat grafting for volume enhancements. Though implants could make more dramatic aesthetic changes, some prefer the more natural-looking results of fat grafting.

However, since patients need an adequate amount of excess fat tissue for fat grafting in Tulsa, discussing aesthetic goals and the best surgical approach with Dr. Kreitzberg beforehand is the first step. Contact us at Kreitzberg Plastic Surgery for an assessment to discuss in detail the possible aesthetic enhancements of augmentation surgery with fat transfers.

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